Coogee House 01 Coogee, Sydney


Additions and alterations to a California Bungalow house, including a new first floor, rear ground floor, pool and garage. One owner wanted the original character retained, the other a clean, contemporary feel.

The original house facing the street was retained, with several features re-instated such as the porch, bay window and internal fixtures.

The new additions are contemporary with a raw quality using plywood cladding and unpainted steelwork. Internally, the Living spaces are bright and airy, opening to the pool, garden and deck with an extendable awning for weather protection.

The transition from heavy rendered masonry to lightweight plywood cladding then skeletal exposed steel framing is reinforced using colour, details and fittings selections. The roof is the linking element, shielding the addition from the street.


Completed 2009.

Published in ‘HOUSES’ Magazine, Issue 70; October 2009

Photographer: Murray Fredericks

Construction process