Elizabeth Bay Apartment 01


Our latest project—a brilliant re-design of a studio unit that maximises space and functionality, effectively transforming it into a cozy 1-bedroom retreat. At M+M Architects, we pride ourselves on our innovative approach to design, and this project is a testament to our commitment to creating homes that seamlessly blend form and function.

The original unit presented a unique challenge with its single bed nook, leading to a cramped living area where a queen-sized bed was awkwardly housed. To address this, we embarked on a strategic reconfiguration, removing a short wall, relocating the bathroom door, and optimizing the kitchen layout. These subtle yet impactful changes allowed us to carve out a private corner for a queen-sized bed within the existing space, transforming the bed nook into a cozy sanctuary.

In addition to the spatial enhancements, we undertook a comprehensive update of the bathroom and kitchen, ensuring both areas were modern and efficient. New flooring, lighting, and a fresh coat of paint breathed new life into the unit, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.

By cleverly reimagining the layout and utilising bright colours to enhance the sense of openness, we successfully transformed the living area into a truly usable living/dining space. Despite working within a tight budget and minimal building constraints—limited to the demolition of a non-load-bearing wall and a door relocation—we were able to achieve remarkable results.

The unit’s north-facing aspect provides a bright and airy outlook to Rushcutters Bay, further enhancing the appeal of the space. At M+M Architects, we believe that great design should not only elevate the functionality of a space but also enhance the overall quality of life for its inhabitants. This project exemplifies our dedication to creating homes that inspire and delight.


Completed 2013

Photographer: Sylvain Garcia

Builder: Blox Projects

Construction process