Fairlight Apartment 1


Revitalising and redesigning a block of three apartments was an exciting endeavour. The owner requested the apartments be modernised and updated on the layout of the existing apartments with a key focus on expanding liveable space and reimagining the designated parking areas.

Situated in a prime location with stunning views overlooking North Harbour, the existing building called for comprehensive renovation and refurbishment. M+M Architects brought this vision to life through meticulously crafted 3D renders, providing a visual roadmap for the planned rejuvenations and extensions of each apartment.

The use of technological functions such as 3D Rendering allows for a comprehensive design-oriented exploration of possible changes. Our team updated parking space capacity and maintained a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics. Additionally, 3D Rendering allows our clients to visualise a life-like experience of the space before it is built and adjust their ideas accordingly and realistically, helping them manage their expectations.

Projects like this where our team can reinvent and improve existing Class 2 buildings to their full potential are truly rewarding.