Fairlight House 03 Fairlight, Sydney


In the heart of Fairlight, nestled within a semi-detached timber cottage, a modest yet impactful addition was made to accommodate the evolving needs of its residents.

The ground floor underwent a transformation, seamlessly connecting the main bedroom to the charming front courtyard, creating a tranquil retreat bathed in natural light. A fresh bathroom was also introduced, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

Adding to the allure of the home, open-tread stairs gracefully ascend to the first floor, where thoughtful design maximises space and versatility. Here, a second bedroom awaits, alongside a petite study perfect for quiet contemplation or productive work sessions. A walk-in robe provides ample storage, ensuring clutter remains at bay, while a future-proofed ensuite promises convenience and luxury for years to come.

Despite working within the constraints of a restrained budget, the project was executed with precision and finesse, adhering to a Complying Development Certificate. The result? Delighted homeowners revelling in the newfound space, catering to the needs of their growing family without compromising on style or comfort.


Completed 2018

Photographer: Cameron Spencer

Builder: JSM Construction