Manly House 01


This Californian Bungalow underwent extensive additions and alterations, breathing new life into the classic design and enhancing its functionality.

The facade of the original house, which fronts the street, remained intact, preserving its timeless charm. Beneath it, a new garage was excavated, adding convenience and utility to the property.

Externally, the new additions seamlessly blend with the architectural style of the original house, maintaining harmony and coherence in the streetscape. However, internally, a contemporary approach was taken to create bright and airy open-plan spaces that optimise natural light and embrace panoramic harbour views and refreshing breezes.

The addition of a new first floor expanded the living space, providing ample room for modern living while capitalising on the surrounding vistas. This upper level now serves as a sanctuary where residents can relax and unwind while enjoying the scenic beauty of the waterfront.

At the rear of the ground floor, further enhancements were made to enrich the living experience. This new space seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor living, blurring the boundaries between the interior and the lush backyard. It offers a versatile area for entertaining guests or simply enjoying the outdoor lifestyle that Australia is renowned for.

Overall, the additions and alterations to the California Bungalow have transformed it into a contemporary haven that celebrates both its heritage and its surroundings, offering residents the best of both worlds.


Completed 2011.

Photographer: Brian Steele

Construction process