Manly House 02


At M+M Architects, we are passionate about the conservation of heritage within architecture and pride ourselves in our ability to do so. It surprised no one that we were very excited when we got the call about this project, a house residing in the heritage conservation area of Manly. We were entrusted with the task of adding a first-floor addition to our clients’ home, providing additional bedrooms and a second bathroom while honouring the house’s heritage charm.

To achieve this, we meticulously designed within the existing roof structure, creating two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a study/lounging space. New dormers were strategically added to enhance functionality and aesthetics, while maintaining the integrity of the original roofline. Utilising the naturally occurring roof form, we crafted distinctive raked ceilings, adding character and depth to the interior spaces.

One of the greatest compliments we received was from the neighbours, who were intrigued by the transformation of the house. The first-floor addition seamlessly integrates with the existing structure, paying homage to the heritage values of the home.

At M+M Architects, we take pride in our ability to blend modern design elements with historical context, creating spaces that not only meet our clients’ needs but also enrich the surrounding neighbourhood.


Completed 2018

Photographer: Julie Crespel

Builder: S&J Projects

Construction process