Mosman House 01 Mosman, Sydney


We are excited to share the process of the transformative alterations made to this Federation house, which breathed new life into a heritage gem that had been overshadowed by neglect and previous renovations.

Externally, our restoration efforts focused on reinstating the home’s original charm and character. Many of the original features had been concealed or removed by previous owners, prompting us to embark on a meticulous journey of revival. We replaced the external brick skin, sunroom cladding, select windows, and chimneys to seamlessly match the architectural integrity of the original house. The once-hidden treasures, such as the original gable end and timber porch details, were lovingly exposed, reinstating their rightful place as architectural highlights.

Internally, our aim was to create a space that blended the timeless elegance of yesteryear with the comforts of modern living. New wall openings were strategically crafted to invite abundant natural light into the living areas, enhancing the sense of openness and connectivity throughout the home while preserving the inherent character of each room. The introduction of a contemporary kitchen, bathrooms, and fixtures breathed fresh vitality into the interior, offering a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

At the heart of this restoration project lay a deep appreciation for the history and heritage of Federation architecture. By carefully balancing restoration with modernisation, we revitalised this iconic residence, ensuring that its legacy continued to thrive for generations to come. This project served as a testament to the enduring beauty and timeless allure of Australian architectural heritage.


Completed in 2004.

Recipient of 2007 Mosman Good Design Awards in Heritage Conservation.

Photographer: Murray Fredericks