Manly House 4


Discover Smart Home Technology Living in Manly with M+M Architects

Situated on Manly’s Eastern Hill, this project began with our clients’ vision to transform a single-story brick California Bungalow into a bespoke home that blends historic charm with modern luxury. Our core concept was to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge smart home technology into the redesigned space.

We added a second story featuring bedrooms for each family member and a guest room while enhancing the ground floor. Key additions include a front-facing double carport with a green roof and a first-floor deck offering panoramic views from Manly Beach to Manly Cove ferries.

At the rear, we introduced a swimming pool, an expansive deck, and a BBQ area. The home boasts high-tech smart home elements like solar panels with battery storage, full air conditioning, and automated fireplaces. Automated pool covers and rainwater storage tanks under the carport contribute to sustainability.

This project beautifully combines timeless elegance with modern functionality, creating a residence that meets our clients’ needs while embracing sustainability and technological innovation.

The incorporation of smart home technology extends to every corner of the home, from energy-efficient systems to advanced security features. The solar panels with battery storage ensure a steady supply of renewable energy, reducing the household’s carbon footprint. Full air conditioning and automated fireplaces offer comfort and convenience, while the automated pool covers and rainwater storage tanks enhance the home’s eco-friendliness.

M+M Architects has crafted a home that not only reflects the client’s lifestyle and preferences but also sets a benchmark for sustainable and intelligent living. The integration of modern technology with the bungalow’s historic charm results in a residence that is both timeless and ahead of its time, providing a unique living experience in the heart of Manly.


Completed July 2017.

Builder: Hampton Constructions

Landscaping: Sprout Landscape Architecture

Home Automation: Amped Automation

Photographer: Julie Crespel Photography


Construction process